Moab, Utah is a must-stop destination for those travelers with a heart for amazing scenery and a passion for exploring the great outdoors. This gateway to Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park makes for an ideal getaway destination no matter what time of year you hope to enjoy the beauty and inspiration that await. When planning a trip this direction, it can be easy to get carried away with the details, but those that value traveling light will find that Moab comes with many options to do so. Here are three tips for keeping your Moab Park adventure as seamless and efficient as possible.

Pack a Bag Within a Bag

Chances are that your Moab trip is going to come with a significant amount of time spent enjoying the great outdoors. But just because you’re going to be hiking, biking, climbing and exploring doesn’t mean you won’t come home with a few well-earned souvenirs. Consider flattening and packing a duffel bag in the very bottom of your primary suitcase as you’re getting ready to go. A flattened duffel bag won’t take room away from clothing packed on the way to Moab but does take into consideration extra space for items you want to return with.

Consider Collapsible Water Bottles

While the weather in Moab makes it an inviting destination for outdoor adventure year-round, having water on hand is essential when taking to the many trails this area provides. Instead of lugging around large, clunky water bottles, invest in the collapsible version that can be folded up as water is released. H2O 2 Go offers these bottles, which are more like pouches, in a variety of colors that are as easy to drink from as they are to fold up and tuck away in a backpack when you’re ready to move on.

Versatile Outdoor Footwear

Moab promises to be a place where a day of outdoor fun is easily followed up by time in a savory restaurant with family and friends. When you’re looking to pack for both events without wasting too much space in the suitcase, make sure to pick up a pair of outdoor shoes that can double up with regular clothing as well. Timberland, in particular, tends to be a brand featuring both men’s and women’s outdoor footwear that’s durable enough to take on rocky terrain while coming in colors and styles that can also be dressed up a bit when it’s time for dinner in town.

Book a Moab Park Getaway

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