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All About Moab’s History

Moab is a beautiful and exciting place to visit for those with a passion for the great outdoors. From impeccable climbing and hiking opportunities to the charming shops and restaurants that dot the landscape, it seems that in Moab there’s truly a little something for everyone. And that includes those with a passion for the past! Moab enjoys a rich history that’s worth looking into when you’re hoping to connect even more with the destination that you’re excited to explore.

Ancestral Roots

Moab’s landscape has long fascinated locals and visitors alike, but it’s particularly appealing for archeologists who have long looked into the Moab history of the peoples who first called this area home. Evidence suggests that both Moab and the surrounding areas were originally inhabited by a First Nation tribe known as the Ancestral Puebloans (Anasazi). Best estimates put these groups in the area around 10,000 years ago. Research into the landscape has also shown pueblo farming communities inhabiting present-day Moab between the 11th and 12th centuries alike. It’s thought that for unknown reasons, these tribes moved away from Moab during the 13th century. When the first settlers arrived in Moab, they were greeted not by Anasazi, but nomadic Ute tribes instead.

Early Settlement

The first successful settlements began popping up in Moab in the 1870s. The groups that created these settlements were Mormon pioneers coming in from the north. By 1881, Moab had transitioned into what one might think of as a typical wild west town. The economy successfully grew thanks to farming and ranching throughout the late 19th century and early 20th century. By 1900, the area boasted nearly 19 villages and communities in total. The discovery of uranium in the area in 1952 put Moab on the map as a mining mecca. While the market for uranium dropped off swiftly by the 1980s, today, Moab still runs potash, oil, gas, and salt operations that keep its economy moving forward. Over time, Moab has swiftly become a hot spot travel destination thanks to the development of stunning National Parks and a vibrant community where local businesses of all types can thrive. It’s a great place to visit that showcases modern marvels while still paying homage to the diversity of Moab Utah history.

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