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Best Times to Visit Moab

Many travelers that set their sights on Moab, Utah as a vacation destination do so in the name of discovery and exploration. Many outdoor adventurers head this way to take time to make the most of amazing climbing, hiking, and biking opportunities in abundance. Between the desertscapes and towering sandstone arches to the flowing rivers and captivating canyons, Moab never fails to mesmerize. All of that said, what really are the best times to visit Moab? Most travelers will find that the answer has a lot to do with their travel preferences and preferred itineraries.

What You Can Anticipate Weather-Wise

In general, Moab is a place that comes with a reputation for good weather, however, fluctuations are to be expected depending on the season you travel this way. Spring temperatures between March and May tend to hover somewhere between 60 and 80 degrees. Fall also enjoys mild temperatures with some days in November getting down into the 50s. Winter temperatures will vary drastically for travelers depending on weather they’re spending time in town or at higher surrounding elevations. Summer can be counted on to be toasty with temperatures hanging around an average of 100 degrees.

Advantages of Spring and Fall Travel

For those who are excited to spend as much time as possible outdoors in Moab making the most of hiking, biking, and exploring those incredible national and state parks, there’s no better time to come this way than spring and fall. During these seasons all of those exploration hot spots are still open, but the crowds tend to be more manageable, and temperatures are definitely on the mild side. This allows for longer periods of time outdoors at higher elevations without heat issues involved, making these the best times to visit Moab, Utah for those looking for lighter crowds and cooler weather.

Best Times to Visit Moab for Winter and Summer Travel

For those travelers who don’t mind crowds and are looking forward to exploring Moab’s museums, restaurants, and shops, summer is a spectacular time of year to visit. You’ll get the benefit of a vibrant tourist crowd and can rest assured than any and all activities you’re looking forward to will be open for business. Alternatively, those looking to avoid crowds and cozy up when Moab’s scenery is dusted with fresh powder will want to head this way in the winter. While not all parks and activities will be open, winter outdoor fun is still waiting to be had and the scenery promises to take your breath away.

Enjoy Your Journey

Adventure is calling your name in Moab and there’s truly no reason to wait. Reach out to Arches Vacation Rentals today to learn more about our many vacation rentals in this area and how we can start helping you plan your next trip once you decide the best times to visit Moab, Utah.