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Top Reasons to Visit Moab

Moab is an amazing place to visit, but the reasons for heading this way vary depending on traveler taste and style. Here are just a few of the many top reasons to visit Moab any time of year.

It’s an Outdoor Adventurer’s Paradise

If you’re the type of traveler that can’t get enough of adrenaline-pumping fun and the great outdoors, there’s no place on the map quite like Moab, Utah. This beautiful and exciting destination is adorned with some spectacular landforms ranging from desertscapes and towering sandstone arches to sprawling canyons, buttes, and red rock cliffsides. The result? A natural playground full of Moab must sees for outdoor adventurers just waiting to be explored. From hiking, biking, climbing and more, Moab offers up a seemingly endlessly lineup of activities for those ready to put their skills to the test.

It’s Home to Some Iconic Parks

For travelers that love to check iconic stops off their must-see list while traveling, Moab is made to inspire. This Utah city is known as the gateway to amazing stops like Canyonlands National Park, Arches National Park, Dead Horse Point State Park and more! Each is worth several days of exploration…sometimes more, so you’re sure to have a lot to keep your attention while you’re out discovering the best the landscape has to offer!

There’s Great Food to Enjoy

If southwest fare is just your style, Moab is a vacation destination you won’t want to miss. This charming city known for its amazing scenery has just as much to offer in the way of culinary opportunities too. Whether you’re looking to dine local or find yourself craving a meal inspired by far-flung destinations, it’s all available within the parameters of this welcoming and savory destination.

You Can Get a Taste of Hollywood

Many travelers aren’t aware of just how many movies Moab has provided the background for over the years! From Thelma and Louise to Indiana Jones, the dynamic desert surroundings have long been loved by Hollywood’s finest behind the camera. When you’re here, you have the chance to walk in the steps of Hollywood stars with these Moab must sees and find yourself in the very places some of those iconic movies took place.

It’s an All-Seasons Destination

While the weather certainly fluctuates in Moab throughout the year, it remains an all-seasons destination for travelers that value versatility in their vacation plans. Winter travelers can enjoy fewer crowds and more time in museums and galleries while summer travelers will find themselves in the heart of a vibrant tourism scene. Spring and fall offer milder temperatures and more time to enjoy in the great outdoors!

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