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Day Trips from Moab

Vacations are an excellent way to re-energize and refocus after months of stress at work. Holiday destinations are a dime a dozen, but few offer the thrills you’ll find in Moab. This vacation gem lies in Utah’s Colorado Plateau and is one of the nation’s most renowned holiday destinations. When in Moab, there are several nearby havens well worth visiting. Here are some of the best Moab day trips this charming city can offer.

All-Day Private Hiking Tours in Canyonlands National Park

Moab has tons of unique landscapes ready for exploring, and one of the best ways to take in the area’s beauty is on a private hike. These hikes feature an expert guide who will take you through the Canyonlands National Park along tailored trails that suit your preferences. Aside from the private guide, the trip also includes lunch, meaning you can enjoy a full day of exploring. A full-day schedule allows for multiple hikes as your guide shares information on the area’s plant life, animal species, history, and geology. The tours typically take six to ten hours, giving you ample time to enjoy the scenery and snap pictures.

Moab Day Trips With Guided UTV Tours

If you prefer to explore on four wheels, Moab offers Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) tours that are ideal for conquering the terrain’s steep inclines. At the beginning of the excursion, you’ll get acquainted with your vehicle and gear, then follow an experienced guide across the lovely landscape. You can choose your preferred time, although mid-afternoon ideally offers the best lighting for awesome pictures. The tours last roughly two hours, and the organizers typically provide drinking water.

Arches 4X4 Adventures

If you’re traveling to Moab as a group, a 4X4 adventure is a fantastic way to your the area. One of the best things about a 4X4 tour is you’ll have access to places other vehicles can’t reach while saving a couple of bucks by cost sharing. The tour typically features a pickup from your hotel, lunch, ice water to help you cool off in the Moab desert, and a dropoff post-tour. A licensed and experienced guide will drive you across the desert as you take in sights such as Island In the Sky, Marching Men, White Rim Trail, and Shafer Trail. Tours start at 8 AM and run until late evening, so expect an action-packed day.

Morning Photography in Dead Horse Point

If you love capturing the moment, Moab has breathtaking early-morning photography tours in Dead Horse Point. Grab your favorite camera and head out on this guided excursion, where you’ll capture Moab’s sun-kissed landscape at the break of dawn. Your guide will give excellent pointers on composition, perspective, and lighting to help you improve your camera skills. If you prefer a full-day experience, you can request one before heading out and get more hands-on experience. Snack bars and drinking are part of the package to provide sustenance on this four- to six-hour tour.

Fishers Towers Half-Day Rafting Tours

The Colorado River runs through the heart of Moab and offers opportunities to indulge in thrilling white water rafting escapades. The tours occur close to Fishers Tower on the outskirts of Moab, where the river is calmer. There are several departures over the day, with most excursions starting at 9 AM, noon, and 2 PM, making half-day trips possible. You can tag your whole family along and enjoy the seven-mile course heading downstream. You’ll get a unique experience of Moab’s beautiful scenery, and the moderate rapids allow easy photography. Tour guides offer sage wisdom about the area’s history, ecology, and wildlife on the four-hour trip. The tour includes safety gear, transport from your hotel, and lunch, depending on your preferred selection.

La Sal Mountain Half-Day Audio Private Tour

If you prefer a private tour of Moab in the comfort of a rented car, an audio tour is the best option for day trips in Moab. This journey features a personal tour guide across the Manti-La Sal National Forest with Shaka Guide, an audio narration app. The app uses GPS to direct you to the park’s most renowned spots while playing music for your entertainment. The app works offline and allows you to travel at your pace as you explore the Moab landscape. The tour can last four to six hours, and you pick which stops you want and which ones to skip.

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