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Downtown Moab Activities

Moab has made a name for itself as the gateway to Arches National Park’s massive red rock formations. It is a city served by multiple natural features including canyons, arches, and the iconic Colorado River. Moab has a lot more to offer beyond the usual rock formations. Downtown Moab is where all the fun is. From rafting down the Colorado River to exploring the region’s exotic menus, here’s what to expect from downtown Moab activities.

River Rafting

In its journey across seven states, the Colorado River finds its way through Moab as it flows down. This river brings among other adventures a chance for you to experience rafting. It is the perfect platform for all levels of rafters. The flow of the water in some sections is mild giving room for beginners to explore the river. If you are among the thrill-seekers, the river also offers high-intensity rafting opportunities for you. Rafting in this area is offered in full-day and half-day packages. Better still, there are licensed rafting firms operating in the area and the necessary safety precautions are already in place. It is one of these once-in-a-lifetime adventures you don’t want to miss in the city.

Museum Visit

If you are a student of history, then you know where the actual data is found. It is in the museum. This city is home to multiple museum centers all aimed at preserving the culture of the region. Even in the current times of digital revolution, these museums are as important as they were back in the day. The Moab Museum, for example, was established in the late 50s and has continued to serve the society to date. It is a small establishment with a big story to tell.

A Day at the Spa

After days of hiking up the arches and other red rock formations, your body needs to relax. One of the most luxurious ways to relax your muscles while vacationing in Utah is by booking a day at the spa. The downtown part of the city is painted with multiple massage parlors offering a wide range of services. Whether you are after yoga sessions, feet massage, or a full body massage, this is one city that doesn’t disappoint. Such sessions leave you feeling energized and ready to conquer.

Horseback Riding

Have you found yourself on the back of a horse before? Your time to experience it first-hand is long overdue. Riding horses is one of the luxurious ways of touring the city. Unlike the usual hikes, riding horses is less tiring and takes you to places that would be hard to explore while walking. Also, these horses will ferry you to the other side of the city, where golf courses await. If you have never witnessed this luxury sport before, Moab gives you a chance to do so. Even watching professionals battle it out on the course from the back of your horse is such a satisfying experience on its own.

The Perfect Shopping Destination

Vacationing and shopping are two things that are hard to separate. The city of Moab is built to serve the two concurrently. Downtown Moab is the go-to place for your shopping needs in the area. When last did you buy a gift to reward yourself for the good work you do? With Moab, you have found the perfect shopping destination specializing in a wide range of items. From boutiques for your fashion items to that luxury perfume you crave, you have them all in this part of the city. Also, there are multiple baby shops where you go to get gifts for your kids.

Explore Vibrant Nightlife With These Downtown Moab Activities

The final bait of adventure that awaits you in Moab is exploring the city’s vibrant nightlife. Downtown Moab is a place of multiple restaurants offering a wide range of dining options. When vacationing as a family, these restaurants are a better option. Whether you are after that Chinese noodle dish or something simple like the American steak, Moab has it all. After the kids have gone to sleep, it is time to explore the city at night. Dance the night away as you sip your favorite drink. Come morning, you will be bidding the city goodbye with a smile, thanks to the joy that comes with exploring its downtown.

Where to Stay in Downtown Moab

Moab is a city of multiple adventures. To get the most out of its downtown, you will need to rent a vacation home around. Finding the right property for your stay in Moab shouldn’t always be a daunting task. We at Arches Vacation Rentals are here to ensure you have a hassle-free holiday experience in the city. Our properties range from studio and one-bedroom rentals to those with more than four bedrooms. Our proximity to Utah’s leading attractions will help you to explore the area like a local. Call us today for your downtown Moab vacation rental needs and to learn more about things to do in downtown Moab.