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Fishing in Moab

Outdoor adventures in Moab are not limited to the arches alone. The same excitement extends down to the rivers and lakes. If fishing is your preference, Moab has it all. From the feeling of accomplishment of taking home a personal catch to the calming sound of waves hugging the shores, fishing is indeed an enjoyable outdoor experience. Here’s what you need to know before you go fishing in Moab.

Benefits of Fishing in Moab

While fishing is an economic activity to some people, it is also leisure to others. Whichever the case, fishing comes with multiple benefits. First, it is the best platform for you to meet and interact with like-minded individuals. Such interactions easily lead to conservation drives, something our planet needs desperately at this time. It is also the perfect chance to bond as a family. Fishing is a relaxing activity that helps you unwind.

Most Popular Types of Fish

Moab fishing is largely a game of Trout. They are the most popular fish species in Moab, and they come in different subspecies. The rainbow trout are known to be scrappy fighters with spawning taking place mainly in the spring season. The summer months of July through September are a good time to catch them. They have irregular black spots that make them different from other trout subspecies. Other types of fish to look out for include the brown, brook, and cutthroat trout. Catfish, bass, and sunfish are also not hard to catch.

Top Places to Go Fishing

The destination you choose for your recreational Moab fishing will depend on the types of fish you are targeting. The legendary Colorado River is a good spot for bass and catfish. Ken’s Lake is known for its large population of trout fish. A float tube is enough to explore this lake. La Sal Mountains is the other location you can’t ignore when fishing in Moab. It is home to two major lakes accessible during the fall and summer months and is good for trout fishing. The Green River is perfect for catfish.

Book Your Moab City Rental

Moab is more than your average desert city. It doubles up as a fishing destination with multiple rivers and lakes for anglers to explore. Vacationing here in Moab calls for an equally exciting holiday home that complements your experience in the city. Our website has a long list of properties available to vacationers. Get in touch with us today to book yours.