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High Point Hummer & ATV

Get out and experience your own off-road adventure when vacationing in Moab. High Point Hummer & ATV are your first choice to schedule your own adventure vacation. High Point has been rated as the #1 UTV tour and Hummer tour in all of Moab. Here is what is waiting for you in the Moab desert:

Hummer Tours

As implied, in the name High Point Hummer & ATV offers highly rated Hummer tours. Explore secluded canyons and hidden arches all inside the comfort of a new Hummer. The tours provide you with unprecedented views of Arches National Park and the Colorado River. The Slickrock is surrounded by petrified sand dunes. No matter where the tour takes you, you will find incredible sights.

UTV Tours

Get even further out into the Moab desert by scheduling an RZR and UTV tour. This family friendly tour takes you to all the incredible sights as the Hummer tour but is able to explore a little easier with these smaller vehicles. Only individuals 16 years or older with a driver’s license are able to drive these off road vehicles. Each tour starts at $99 per person.

UTV Rentals

If you do not want to take a tour, you can simply rent a UTV for yourself. Multiple models of UTVs are available to rent starting at half-day rentals. Additional rental options include full-day and 24-hour rentals. The 2020 Yamaha Viking 700 is a great six-seat option for groups looking to ride together on one vehicle.

Vanderhall Rentals

If you have seen a Vanderhall before you know how beautiful these classic road vehicles are. This rental is a great option to explore the roads of the local national parks. This is not an off-road vehicle and must be kept on the road. Rental options are similar to availability of the UTV rentals.

Finding High Point

You can schedule your next rental or off-road tour today with High Point by calling 1-877-486-6833 or by emailing All rentals can be picked up by 301 S Main Moab.

Moab Done Right

You can experience the best trip to Moab by reserving one of our exclusive vacation rentals in the city. You will find comfortable furnishings and amenities that will keep you relaxed throughout your stay. Call today and see which rentals are available!