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Skydive Moab

One experience that everyone needs to experience at least once during their lifetime is a thrilling drop through the clouds—skydiving, that is! This thrill rush is a great way to see our beautiful surroundings from thousands of feet in the air, not to mention prove you’ve got nerves of steel. Skydive Moab offers the thrill of skydiving to all those interested when visiting Moab. Take a look at what you can experience with their incredible skydiving opportunities:

Tandem Skydives

If you are skydiving for the first time, the only option you will have available is tandem skydiving. This option pairs you up with a certified skydiver for your fall. Do not think of this as a type of babysitting though, as you will be given instructions on how you can take control of your dive. Tandem skydives have been completed with Skydive Moab over 35,000 times, so you can trust their rate of success!

Learn to Skydive

If you want to learn how to skydive on your own, you can join Skydive Moab’s hybrid IAD/AFF program. This type of program breaks down obtainable goals into small objectives, ensuring nothing is ever too difficult. Why not let the pros help you become a skydiving enthusiast?

Variety of Jump Options

At Skydive Moab, you can choose from a variety of height options for your jump. Sky dives start at 8,000 feet above ground level. This jump option starts at $179 per jump, making it a great, budget-friendly introduction to skydiving. You will experience the thrill of freefall and parachute flight all in one go. The next level up is the jump from 13,500 feet above ground level. This is the same altitude that professional skydivers jump from and makes the most of incredible views. This option is the perfect choice to make the most of your jump. Make sure to ask about photo and video options that are available to document your jump.

Scheduling Your Jump

You can schedule your next jump with Skydive Moab by calling 435-259-5867 or by emailing There is nothing like the thrill of freefalling thousands of feet through the air! You can also visit them online at

Plan for Your Time in Moab

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