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Social Distancing Activities in Moab

2020 has been a unique year to say the least and while traveling is ramping back up across the U.S., social distancing is still an important part of the journey. For those travelers heading to Moab this year looking to keep safety and health top of mind, there are plenty of options to consider when it comes to adventures that make social distancing in Moab Utah a priority. Here are a few to add to your itinerary that are sure to inspire every traveler in your crew.

Hike Canyonlands National Park

While Arches National Park is an iconic Moab stop, chances are if you’re heading to Moab in the summer months, it’s a place that’s going to be packed with crowds. When you’re looking to avoid the chaos and keep Moab social distancing top of mind, consider making your way to Canyonlands National Park instead. Significantly larger than Arches, Canyonlands provides visitors with four distinct quadrants to choose from that make finding a moment of solitary tranquility more than possible. Whether you plan on hiking or driving your way through, there’s a vast area of land to choose from. In fact, those that set their sights on The Needles District will find it’s necessary to travel about an hour outside of Moab to enjoy it!

Canyon Lands National Park | Moab Scenic Byways | Condos for Rent

Drive the Potash Road Scenic Byway

Getting out and exploring Moab on foot is always fun, but when you’re social distancing in Moab Utah, sometimes it’s better to stick to adventures by vehicle. The Moab Scenic Byway is a wonderful choice for those visitors that can’t wait to savor the sights while remaining safe and healthy too. Hop in the car and enjoy 34-miles of scenic beauty as you make your way from Moab to Jug Handle Arch and back again. During the ride, travelers are thrilled with views of the Colorado River, red rocks, as well as ancient art decorating the cliffsides.

Take a Helicopter Tour

Get off the ground, into the air, and away from the crowds by booking a private experience with the team at Pinnacle Helicopters in Moab during your next visit. As of May 8, 2020, Pinnacle Helicopters is open for business but exclusively catering to limited, private groups with reservations. Soar above canyons and arches in style as your knowledgable and experienced pilot points out iconic landmarks along the way!

Enjoy the Best of a Moab Adventure With These Moab Social Distancing Activities

Social distancing doesn’t have to stop the fun in Moab. No matter when you arrive, be sure to book a stay in our properties with the help of the team at Arches Vacation Rentals and make the most of every single moment. We can’t wait to welcome you to Utah!