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Balanced Rock Trail

Many travelers marvel at the idea of Moab, Utah’s terrain before finally making the leap and planning a vacation in this direction. Between the towering arches, stretching canyons and rivers and desert landscapes that dot the area, it’s not hard to see why visitors are quickly captivated by the sights. While Moab promises to be a place where experienced outdoor enthusiasts can take on the next challenge, you don’t have to be an expert to savor every moment of your time in nature. Particularly if you’re new to hiking and looking to experience Moab, or are traveling here with little ones, a hike along Balanced Rock Trail is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

Terrific Moab Trails for All Ages and Abilities

The beauty of a hike along Balanced Rock Trail is that it takes hikers through the heart of one of the area’s most well-loved parks while providing an easy access route to enjoy the view. Balanced Rock Trail provides hikers with a leisurely and inviting .3-mile roundtrip loop to enjoy at a preferred pace. The Balanced Rock Trailhead can be accessed at the Arches National Park entrance road and sits just to the east of the well-known Willow Springs Trail. Convenient parking makes it simple to get to the starting point of Balanced Rock Trail and no matter how you plan on approaching this enjoyable hike, be sure to pack your camera as these Moab trails have much to offer in the way of photographic moments.

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What to Expect on the Trail

The highlight of any trek along Balanced Rock Trail is the opportunity to witness up-close, the trail’s namesake. Just as the trail’s title indicates, the path ultimately leads to one of the most beloved sights in all of Arches National Park—Balanced Rock. This rock formation is an incredible work of art thanks to Mother Nature. At Balanced Rock, a large rock, estimated to equal in dimensions the size of three school buses, it balanced on a stone pillar below. This naturally designed phenomenon is well worth a photograph or two and the trail provides the opportunity to go up to the formation as well as circle around it before heading back. With just 50 feet of elevation gain along the entirety of the trail, a hike along Balanced Rock Trail is more about the visual experience and a great place to begin finding your passion for hiking overall.

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