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Check Out the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail in Moab

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When Moab, Utah is mentioned, it’s easy for visions of towering stone archways, rivers, and desert scenes to come to mind. Many travelers are drawn to this inspiring destination in search of opportunities to get out and explore some of nature’s finest work. With hiking trails and biking opportunities abounding, Moab is the perfect place to indulge in outdoor fun while admiring the scenery that’s always captivating. In addition to the landscape that’s as diverse as it is thrilling, Moab’s history is also closely linked to the Jurassic period which came to an end over 150 million years ago. During this time, Moab was home to a large number of dinosaurs, many of whom have left fossils in their wake just waiting to be discovered in the modern age. For those visitors to Moab who are looking to combine outdoor fun with dinosaur encounters, a hike along the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail in Moab is an absolute must while you’re here.

Family Fun and Encounters with the Past

The Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail in Moab may just be one of Moab’s most memorable and unique journeys a traveler can take. This quarter-mile, easy to follow trail allows hikers to trek and as they do, encounter fossils of dinosaurs, prints, plants and more along the way. Pamphlets are readily available at the Grand Resource Center located at 82 East Dogwood to help guests enjoy a self-guided experience through the Jurassic era and visitors are entrusted with helping to preserve and protect this incredible stretch of terrain. This hike is one that promises to be insightful and educational as well as providing spectacular views, so you’ll want to be sure to have your camera handy.

Planning a Visit to the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Tracks

The trailhead to the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Tracks is located off of US 191 just 15 miles north of Moab. It’s important to note that the last two miles leading to the trailhead are dirt, and when the weather is rainy, this road is not passable so visitors will want to plan accordingly. In addition to the impressive fossils that you’re bound to see on this trail, guests will also enjoy views of the old mill that are located on the south side of the canyon for another brush with history.

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Enjoy the Best of Moab

Whether you’re here for the history or can’t wait to make the most of the many trails, Moab is a place that promises to inspire. Be sure to focus on the fun by letting Arches Vacation Rentals handle your home away-from-home details while you’re in town. Contact us today. Check out our blogs. Plan a vacation to Moab and book one of our isolated vacation rentals!