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Corona Arch in Utah

Captivating scenery is yours for indulging in when you make your way to Moab, Utah in the name of an amazing vacation. This scenic and inspiring destination is packed with places to see and experience that feature some of Mother Nature’s finest work. Photographers flock to this area to take advantage of a seemingly endless lineup of fantastic vantage points. From Canyonlands National Park to Arches, there’s no shortage of stops along the way that will captivate the mind and imagination. When you’re visiting this area and looking for a way to combine the best of hiking and scenery, don’t miss out on your chance to trek to Corona Arch in Utah.

A Scenic Pathway of the Things to See in Moab

When you’re looking for a Moab hike that’s suited for a more leisurely approach, as well as one that would be appropriate for small children, the trail to Corona Arch in Utah is your best bet. This beautiful, yet manageable trail is designed to be moderately challenging and provides big rewards at the end in the form of a breathtaking and iconic Moab arch. The trail leading to Corona Arch begins near Potash Road and hikers can expect the trek to be about 3 miles out and back. Pack plenty of water and don’t forget your camera as this trail offers up plenty of scenic stopping points along the way as well. The trail itself is fairly level and clearly marked, making it a seamless experience from start to finish. Once you pass Bowtie Arch, you’ll be close to the base of Corona Arch. The Corona Arches are definitely one of the best things to see in Moab!

A Testament of Time

Corona Arch isn’t hard to miss. This towering sandstone arch features dramatic curvature that resembles a rainbow and has been worn smooth over time. From a distance, Corona Arch is delicate, but a close-up look reminds visitors that this natural work of art has been hard-earned in this desert environment. Photographing Corona Arch from some distance away always provides a beautiful shot but don’t forget to take a step directly underneath and look up at least once. Seeing the towering sandstone above your head is sure to be a thrilling vantage point. Spend some time admiring the view before returning back the way you came. The ease and beauty of this stop make it a favorite amongst travelers who return to Moab time and again in the name of adventure.

Nearby Attractions to Explore

While enjoying time hiking to and admiring the iconic Corona Arch is bound to be inspiring for Moab visitors, a trip this way comes with the added benefit of proximity to a variety of other natural landmarks that are well-worth exploring while you’re in the area. For those that are looking to round out their itineraries with adventure, or just can’t wait to spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors, you’ll want to add the following to your list of must-do activities while you’re in town.

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Bowtie Arch

When you’re in the mood to extend your hiking adventures from Corona Arch, head just 1-mile northeast to the equally exciting destination known as Bowtie Arch. The well-marked pathway between the two arches is worth following when you’re looking to come face to face with some of the most photo-worthy stops in the area. While it’s still recommended to bring plenty of water along this route, the thoughtful planning will pay off once you have the chance to admire this archway rising into the sky. The delicate curve of Bowtie Arch is made better by the cutout at the very center that allows for blue sky to peek through on a clear day.

Little Rainbow Bridge

For those hikers looking to test their skills a bit further within the dynamic terrain this area offers up, including Little Rainbow Bridge on your itinerary is a must. This exciting stop is nestled into the landscape just east of Bowtie Arch and comes with some challenging, yet thrilling requirements to reach the goal of the beautiful vista Little Rainbow Bridge provides over the terrain. Enjoy maneuvering over a few steep sections that include a ladder and cable for easier movement. Once you reach the summit of the trail, be sure to take in the view and take a few pictures to remember your journey by.

Bootlegger Canyon

Vast and breathtaking, Bootlegger Canyon sits just south of Corona Arch and is well worth a visit when you’re looking to make the most of incredible views. The canyon sits alongside the Colorado River making for some stunning scenery and also offering up views of railroad tracks that cut through the terrain. Bootlegger Canyon is a great place to finish off a day of hiking as it offers up some great sunset opportunities but is just as well suited to a mid-day stop when you’re looking to rest, take in the landscape or enjoy a picnic lunch by the river.

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