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Dead Horse Point State Park in Utah

Taking time to unwind and step away from the hustle of everyday life is best done with a trip to scenic Moab, Utah. Visitors who come this direction will find a charming area that combines a feeling of quaint, small-town charm with some of nature’s most impressive and truly spectacular work. Between wine tastings, museums, hiking trails, and river kayaking adventures, Moab provides a versatile terrain in which to discover and explore. While there is a long list of places worth visiting while you’re in town, those guests looking to make the most of iconic photography stops won’t want to miss a chance to visit Dead Horse Point State Park in Utah while they’re here.

Global Photographic Inspiration

Amongst professional and amateur photographers alike, a trip to Dead Horse Point State Park in Utah is a one-of-a-kind experience that’s hard to top. This wonderfully scenic park sits only 32 miles from Moab and provides guests with one of the most photographed vistas on the planet. Dead Horse Point sits 2,000 feet above the Colorado River and boasts a panoramic view that not only captures the beauty of Canyonlands National Park from a distance, but also manages to incorporate the stunning Colorado River. Dead Horse Point State Park sprawls across 5,362 acres of land categorized as high-desert terrain. Here, guests will walk hand-in-hand with history as the view that’s available today is only available thanks to transformations encouraged by ancient oceans, lakes and sand dunes. Layer upon layer of rock creates a rugged and inspiring scene at Dead Horse in Utah. Those who are interested in history will enjoy the fact that this area earned its name from a legend that states the park was once used as a corral by cowboys for wild mustangs. The legend ends tragically as these mustangs were left unattended at the top of the park’s highest point and died of thirst while looking at the Colorado River below.

What to Do While You’re in Dead Horse in Utah

A visit to Dead Horse Point State Park is sure to inspire creativity in nearly everyone, but there’s much to do beyond capturing scenic moments. This park is packed with pet-friendly hiking trails that are both paved and rugged depending on preference. Dead Horse Point State Park is also a popular destination among mountain bikers looking for new and challenging routes. Entrance passes to the park are good for three days from purchase and are $20 for vehicles and $4 for pedestrians and cyclists.

Exciting Nearby Destinations to Discover

A trip to Dead Horse Point State Park is bound to be a highlight of any traveler’s getaway to Moab. However, the beauty of traveling this way is the fact that nearly every iconic stop brings you closer to even more to explore! For those visitors that can’t wait to round out their experience by creating an itinerary brimming over with options for fun, adding the following nearby stops to the must-do list is a great idea. Take your trip to the next level of unforgettable adventure and make some lifelong memories along the way as well.

Canyonlands National Park

Visible from summits points located throughout Dead Horse Point State Park, neighboring Canyonlands National Park is just as exciting of a destination for those with travel sights set on Moab, Utah. With help from the Colorado River, Canyonlands National Park has become a destination where the scenery is dotted with sprawling canyons, inspiring buttes, as well as mesas and tributaries worth exploring. The park is mazed with hiking trails designed to accommodate all skill levels but no matter which route you take, this is a place you’ll want to have your camera ready for. In total, Canyonlands National Park enjoys four distinct districts which are generally explored separately as taking on the entirety of the park in a single day is likely out of reach.

Corona Arch

Accessible off of Potash Road, the Corona Arch is one of the most impressive and likely, most recognizable that the Moab landscape offers up. Located near the equally intriguing Bowtie Arch, Corona Arch towers into the sky and makes for one of the most photographed destinations in all of Moab. Spend time hiking the trail that leads up to the arch and spend time admiring it from below.

Utah Scenic Byway 279

Incorporating Potash Road, the Utah Scenic Byway 279 is a great route to keep in mind when you’re looking to explore the landscape on four wheels. This stretch of road is not only well worth admiring for its colors, textures, and natural patterns but is home to some intriguing rock art as well. As you follow the route along the river, everything from dinosaur prints to petroglyphs come into view—inspiring many drivers to pull off to the side and spend some time exploring in more detail. Capture a moment of connecting with history when you spend time not only admiring the route, but paying attention to the significant messages still inscribed within the rock.

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