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Fiery Furnace

It’s important to set aside time to step away from everyday stresses and step into adventure. Not only is a vacation good for the mind, but it can be a reinvigorating experience that renews the body and senses as well. When it comes to vacation destinations that offer up a chance to get into nature and enjoy new experiences, there’s no place better than Moab, Utah. Between the charming community atmosphere, restaurants and shops combined with the dynamic terrain, Moab has a little bit of something for everyone who travels this direction. When you’re here and looking for that one of a kind excursion that takes your trip to the next level of memorable, putting Fiery Furnace on the itinerary is a must.

A Network of New Experiences to Do in Moab

Fiery Furnace is a network of passageways and impossibly narrow canyons that weave their way through red cliffsides within Arches National Park. Much as the name indicates, Fiery Furnace isn’t a leisurely stroll, but an opportunity to experience some of Moab’s most dramatic terrain imaginable. Fiery Furnace hikes must be well-planned as access is only allowed to independent hikers who hold a permit, or those who have scheduled a guided experience with a ranger. Ranger-led hikes can be reserved spring through fall, but fill up quickly so if you know the dates of your Moab travel plans, it’s better to reserve as early as possible. This physically demanding hike isn’t suitable for children under five years of age, however, adults can enjoy the loop challenge for $16 per person while children 6-12 can be a part of the hike for $8. These are definitely some of the best things to do in Moab!

Hiking | Fiery Furnace | The Portal #16

part of Arches National Park rock formation at Arches National Park

What to Expect at Fiery Furnace

A hiking experience through Fiery Furnace is designed to test athletic ability and is known for coming with its fair share of unexpected obstacles along the way as well. While your guide will know exactly where to go, it’s up to you to maneuver through the narrow passageways successfully. Due to the narrow nature of this area, once the hike is started it must be completed as there are no turn around points along the loop. Hikers can expect to be challenged by everything from ledges and drop-offs to loose sand trails, passages so narrow you must hoist yourself between two walls with hands and feet as well as areas where it’s required to jump across gaps in the stone. Fiery Furnace is the ultimate stop for adventure-seekers to Moab.

Take Time to Enjoy Moab

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