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Historical Landmarks in Moab

Moab, Utah, is a city that boasts a rich history. Thus, it is no wonder it’s home to numerous historical landmarks that tell the story of its past. These landmarks are consequential to the city and remind us of the beauty and importance of preserving our cultural heritage. From antique rock art to the remains of old mining towns, there is much to discover in this haven. Here are some of the most notable landmarks worth exploring, each with its unique story full of Moab history.

The Windows Section of Arches National Park

One of the most iconic landmarks in Moab is the Windows Section of the Arches National Park. This section of the park features two large arches, the North Window and the South Window. The structures are named after their resemblance to windows and include North Window, South Window, Turret Arch, and Double Arch. These arches were formed over millions of years by erosion and weathering. The sandstone rocks that make up the structures were once part of an ancient seabed and have been shaped into their current form through natural forces. Today, the Windows Section frames the stunning landscape beyond and is a popular destination for hikers and photographers alike. You can hike along trails that lead to the base of the arches for a closer look or view them from a distance at one of the many overlooks in the park.

Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch is a freestanding natural arch that has become an iconic symbol of Utah. Located in Arches National Park, this arch measures 46 feet tall and 32 feet wide. It is made of Entrada Sandstone and is believed to have formed over millions of years due to the erosion of sandstone. Yearly, thousands of tourists from all over the world stream to this spot to see the spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. With its unique shape and location, this site has become a loved destination for hikers and photographers. The hike to Delicate Arch is approximately three miles round trip and takes about two to three hours. And though the trail can be strenuous at times, the view of the arch against the backdrop of the La Sal Mountains makes it well worth the effort.

Delicate Arch in MoabView of Dead Horse Point State Park

Dead Horse Point State Park

Dead Horse Point State Park is situated roughly 30 miles southwest of Moab. The park gets its name from a legend that cowboys used to corral wild mustangs on the point and once left them trapped without water, resulting in their deaths. When you visit this excellent spot, you can hike or bike along the park’s trails, take in the panoramic views from the overlooks, or even go on a guided horseback ride. The park also has a visitor center with exhibits on the area’s geology, history, and wildlife. Regardless of what you choose to do, you can be sure to have a great time.

Fisher Towers

The majestic Fisher Towers is a collection of towering sandstone formations eroded into unique shapes over millions of years. The tallest tower, known as the Titan, stands 900 feet tall. Here, you’ll find several trails that lead through the buildings and offer striking views of the surrounding landscape. So, whether you are a hiker or a sightseer, there is something for everyone. Some of the activities to try out here include hiking and mountain biking. You can also take guided tours or rent kayaks to explore the river below. And with the towers being very photogenic, bring your camera along.

Moab History at Wilson Arch

Wilson Arch is a natural sandstone arch that measures 46 feet tall and 91 feet wide. It is named after Joe Wilson, a local settler who had a cabin nearby. Today, it is a favored spot for tourists and photographers looking to seize the magnificence of the Utah desert. And unlike many other landmarks in the area, Wilson Arch is easily accessible from the road and requires no hiking. If you’re driving, you can park and walk up to the arch’s base for a closer look. You can take pictures under the arch for future memories. Or climb to the top for a scenic view of the surrounding landscape.

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