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Moab Music Festival

Toward the later stages of summer, the city of Moab hosts its annual music festival. It is a musical extravaganza featuring award-winning artists, cultural concerts, and an incredible feasting experience. The 2023 edition of the Moab Music Festival is happening from the 21st of August to the 15th day of September. It is a good time for you to party in the marvels of Moab’s wild. Looking for a late summer experience in Utah? Here’s all you need to know about Moab Music Festival.

Three Weeks of Fascinating Concerts

The Moab Music Festival is a good way to disconnect from the chaos of the modern-day world. This city is built differently with its desert setting having much more to offer other than the usual arches. The reason why this festival has remained relevant for the past 31 years is because of its uniqueness. It is not every day you come across 15 days of endless partying. Instead of the usual pop culture, this festival is a preserve of soft music. From the authentic sound of pianos to the flutes, you are in for a relaxing musical experience out there in Moab’s wild.

Party on the Move at the Moab Music Festival

When the idea of partying on the move is floated, you would want to assume it involves celebrating as you travel. While there is a bit of that, the Moab version has a whole different meaning. Partying on the move involves hiking up the arches as you listen to cool music. Instruments such as flutes and pianos can be heard from a distance as you hike up the venue. With the fall season around the corner, temperatures are beginning to decrease allowing you to spend more time outdoors. The musical extravaganza that awaits you once in your destined canyon is worth the walk.

Venues with Incredible Landscapes

The musical experience in Moab is nothing like the ordinary. Usually, you would expect concert venues to be parks or other indoor settings. The Moab scenario is built differently. It is a place where you party as you enjoy the city’s beautiful landscapes. Some concert venues are located deep in the wild in canyons sandwiched by giant arches. Others seat on the foot of the city’s massive red rock formations. Dubbed the floating concerts, these are held onboard a floating vessel. All these venues show the diversity that the Moab Music Festival harbors.

Fairly Priced Tickets

The Moab Music Festival is a well-planned event and the ticketing of the same goes a long way to show it. All the concerts in the area are charged differently. The average price per ticket is about $50 with some being as high as $100, and others as low as $30. With such a price range, you have every reason to attend each of the concerts in the three-week event.

Feasting Like Never Before

This event is not about music and dancing alone. It is also a good time to keep your taste buds busy. Each concert pulls a collection of food vendors serving a wide range of delicacies. The food options are not limited to the Moab culture alone. It is a celebration for everybody that sees vendors from far and wide fly to Utah to sell their craft. Drinking booths are also part of the package.

A Date with Locals

Besides the jazz music and the instruments involved, this event gives you a unique opportunity to interact with locals. From the food they eat to their cultural dances, there is a lot to take home from your adventure in Utah. Also, there are art exhibitions where locals go to sell their crafts. Bring home at least a piece as a souvenir of the good time you had in the city.

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Vacation Homes That Complement Your Stay in the City

Another crucial component of your musical journey in Moab City is the vacation rentals you go for. This city is home to multiple holiday rentals all designed to cater to the needs of diverse vacationers. These rentals range from studio settings for solo vacationers to 4+ bedroom setups for huge groups. Most of these properties sit not far away from some of the music venues. They are luxurious setups with all you would expect to find in a modern-day home. From neatly furnished kitchens to living rooms that double up as entertainment hubs, you are in for a refreshing stay in Moab. Other properties have communal pools to help you soak away the heat on sunny afternoons in the city.

Reserve Your Space Today

The Moab Music Festival is nothing like your everyday events. It is a well-planned extravaganza with award-winning artists, food, diverse landscapes, and holiday homes that complement your stay in the city. Our role at Arches Vacation Rentals is to ensure you get a holiday rental that enhances your musical journey in Moab. Get in touch for more information.