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Visit the Moab Film Museum and Western Heritage

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Inspiring stone archways, winding rivers, captivating canyons, and desert landscapes have long defined the city known and loved as Moab, Utah. For outdoor adventurers, this incredible landscape provides just the right place to put their skills to the test. Hikers, bikers, runners, and climbers are all drawn to the terrain Moab offers up in the name of trying something exciting and new. Photographers love Moab for the contrasting colors and textures just waiting to be captured on film while sightseeing visitors are endlessly intrigued by the many National Parks and landmarks waiting to welcome them. This incredible location has also long inspired those in the film industry dating back to the 1940s. Today, guests to Moab can take a walk through time and get a closer look at just how Moab has shaped some of the most memorable films on record by taking time to visit the Moab Film Museum and Western Heritage during a visit.

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Moab Film Museum – Where Film and Landscape Collide

The Moab Museum of Film and Western Heritage is located within the greater Red Cliffs Lodge at Red Cliffs Ranch. Since its settlement in the 1800s, Red Cliffs Ranch has continued to work as a functioning ranch and is often highlighted as a primary stop for those Moab visitors looking to make the most of outdoor adventure. The beauty, intrigue, and heartbeat of ranch life, has long made Red Cliffs Ranch a featured location in films over the decades. For this reason, it’s fitting that the Moab Museum of Film and Western Heritage find its home within the ranch itself. John Ford is credited with first featuring Moab in film beginning in the 1940s and since that time, classics such as City Slickers, Thelma and Louise and Cheyenne Autumn have all found their film locations based in Moab. A trip to the Moab Museum of Film and Western Heritage gives guests a look back at not only the culture of ranch and cowboy life in Moab, but how that inspired filmmakers to translate stories to the big screen. Film memorabilia abounds at this Moab movie museum and guests will find a fun collection of permanent and revolving exhibits await. There’s no charge to enjoy the Moab movie museum which is open daily to the public for self-guided tours.

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Make Memories in Moab

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