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Wilson Arch in Moab Utah

Moab, Utah is a vacation destination that provides guests with a wide variety of options for fun, excitement, scenery, and entertainment. For those visitors that can’t wait to get out and enjoy the view, Moab provides access to places and parks where canyons capture the essence of nature’s finest work. For those that can’t wait to dine in style, Moab offers up a charming selection of savory stops to enjoy. No matter how you prefer to experience Moab, one of the highlights is taking time to encounter some of the area’s most famous landmarks. Among them is always Wilson Arch in Moab Utah which is well worth a visit while you’re in town.

A Towering Testament to Nature

While a wide variety of towering sandstone arches in and around Moab can be found within places such as Arches National Park, a trip to Wilson Arch in Moab Utah only requires accurate directions and a sense of adventure. Wilson’s Arch, often referred to simply as Wilson Arch, is located along Highway 191 and visitors will want to keep their eyes open for signs indicating the pull out situated one mile south of La Sal Junction. Once you’re safely parked, grab your camera and get ready to capture the moment. Wilson’s Arch stretches 46 feet into the air and is often wonderfully contrasted by a brilliant blue Utah sky. This stop is a favorite amongst photographers with good reason as the arch has an impressive span of 91 feet, making it ideal for capturing on camera. Wilson’s Arch was named for Dry Valley pioneer Joe Wilson and today, remains one of the most infamous stops in Moab.

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If You’re Looking for More than the Wilson Arch in Moab

While viewing and photographing Wilson’s Arch from a distance is bound to be inspiring, those looking to incorporate a hike into the experience can do so by heading towards the uphill trail that leads directly towards the arch. Here, many visitors choose to take some time to unwind below the sandstone or even enjoy a picnic with the arch shading them overhead. Adding to options for adventure is the fact that this arch is open to experienced climbers and can be rappelled down for those with the proper experience and equipment to do so. No matter how you choose to enjoy a visit to Wilson Arch in Moab, it’s sure to be an inspiring stop while you’re in town.

Savor Every Moment in Moab

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