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Brunch Restaurants in Moab

Moab is a city of endless adventures. Basking in the vast beauty of the city is never a hard thing to do. Whether you desire to be out there on the trails, hopping from one park to the next, or exploring Moab’s rich cultural heritage, you are in for an incredible experience in Utah’s wild. The city is also jam-packed with multiple dining options cutting across almost all global delicacies. If you are interested in brunch hour delights, Moab has everything to keep your taste buds busy. Here are the top Moab brunch outlets to explore.

Love Muffin Café

Delicious sandwiches, wonderful drinks, and friendly staff members are what define Love Muffin Café. It is an establishment with a special emphasis on brunch menus. Their delicious breakfast burritos are something you would not want to miss on your plate. The shot of expresso served here is enough to power your body all day in preparation for the adventure that awaits.

Moab Dinner

When your story of the Utah adventure is written, there will be a whole page for Moab Dinner. It is an iconic restaurant operating each day of the week from six in the morning to 10 in the evening. Described as an all-day breakfast outlet, you have everything you would need to start your day with the right energy. This restaurant sits in a nostalgic setting complete with overhauled décor and inviting outdoors. It is perfect for pancakes and biscuits. If you like it more robust, steak and shrimp platters are your valuable options.

Moab Brunch at Hidden Cuisine

As the name suggests, this restaurant is one of Utah’s best-kept secrets. It identifies as a healthy American joint that is vegetarian-friendly. This restaurant operates each day from eight in the morning to two in the afternoon. It has an open menu that allows you to customize your meals how you want. From homemade burgers to the legendary lamb shank, the delicacies here are all you need. Beer and wine are also served to accompany your brunch options.

Jailhouse Café

Your brunch adventures in Moab are not about the food alone. You must also understand the history of the place you are going to eat. Jailhouse Café is a place of immense history. Back in the 1880s, this same building served as a jail and courthouse thus its current name. It is a good place for you to sample the best of Soul Food delicacies such as bacon. Swedish pancakes and the chorizo scramble are also snacks worth sampling.

Canyon Steak & Waffle

When visiting a new place, it is always good to be curious about what locals do, including where they go for a quick meal. Canyon Steak & Waffle is that one place where Moab locals stream in large numbers. It is a brightly lit and cozy café serving a wide range of brunch essentials. On those days when you want to relax and soak in the fresh Moab air, this is the place to be.

Moab Coffee Roasters

Everyone deserves a good meal to power up their day. If brunch is part of your plans in the city, the team at Moab Coffee Roasters has your back. This joint serves coffee straight from the machine with its unaltered authenticity. Pair your mug of coffee with a toasted bagel or wrap of your choice. Better still, you have more luxurious options such as ice cream-topped waffles and croissant sandwiches. Pizza enthusiasts too have their way.

Red Rock Bakery and Café

This outlet is ideally the most relatable of all in the city. Its name is a representation of the city’s geographical orientation. This café is a good spot for special brunch menus. Depending on the day, you will be lucky to find their special sandwich prepared using bacon, avocado, cheese, and turkey. If you are the kind that works remotely as you vacation, this outlet has vast spaces for you to operate from.

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