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Top 5 Spots for a Gorgeous View

Vacation means many things to different travelers. For some, it’s a chance to immerse themselves in the great outdoors. It’s an opportunity to participate in adrenaline-pumping recreation that takes them to new heights in nature. For others, it’s about the restorative and relaxing moments that await somewhere exciting and new. For these travelers, there’s nothing more enjoyable than the time set aside to simply soak up the beauty of having nothing pressing to do someplace far from the pressures of the daily grind.

While visions of the ideal vacation may be different for everyone, one goal that tends to be the same when planning a great getaway is picking a destination where the scenery is highlighted at all times. There’s nothing more inspiring than finding yourself face to face with a gorgeous and unforgettable view. For those that take time to plan a trip to Moab, Utah, this is exactly what you can count on and more. While there is a plethora of Moab destinations that offer up incredible views, a few top the list of must-sees. When you’re putting the finishing touches on your itinerary, be sure to add these five top Moab sightseeing spots for making the most of a gorgeous vista.

Islands in the Sky District of Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park has long been a fan favorite stop amongst those Moab visitors who can’t get enough of sensational views. That said, there’s something particularly appealing about the many overlooks that make up the park area known as Island in the Sky. The sheer height of these incredible stopping points makes them unsurpassed in terms of panoramic vistas waiting to be soaked up. From Island in the Sky overlooks, you can take in canyons, cliffs, rivers, and rocky terrain in abundance. Heading this way around sunrise comes with the added benefit of low sun angles on the terrain which pair the landscape with incredible colors sweeping across the sky.

Dead Horse Point State Park

Once you’ve seen a sunrise at Canyonlands National Park, it’s time to expand your gorgeous views experience in Moab by making your way to Dead Horse Point State Park around sunset. Standing at Dead Horse Point itself promises to be the perfect place to end a day of Moab-based adventure by simply soaking up the sky’s many colors as they cast a captivating light over a rocky and mesmerizing terrain. No two sunsets are ever exactly the same, so having your camera on hand for this moment is especially important.

Moab Sights at the La Sal Mountains

The rocky vistas offered up by Moab year-round are frequently the focus of a scenic visit, but if you happen to find yourself here in the fall, it’s entirely possible to make the most of a gorgeous foliage-focused view instead by heading to the nearby La Sal Mountains! You’ll only have to travel about 20 miles south of the city center to access the La Sal Mountains and the seasonally changing colors when autumn rolls around. The La Sal Mountain Loop anytime between September and October offers up a one-of-a-kind view on the terrain. Hop in the car and make the most of the Moab sights through the window as you traverse this 60-mile loop and enjoy views that include peaks, canyons, and of course, colorful trees.

Grandstaff Trail

If hiking your way through a Moab stay is your idea of a great getaway, and you could stand to take in a beautiful view too, you’re in luck. While there are many trails to choose from in this area for Moab sightseeing, Grandstaff Trail stands out as far as earning gorgeous views go. The Grandstaff Trail sits within the parameters of the Grandstaff Canyon Wilderness Study Area and is just over 5.5 miles in length. A trek along this route offers up hikers incredibly beautiful views of stone arches, rivers, and at the end, the Morning Glory Natural Bridge.

Arches National Park

It’s hard to imagine a trip to Moab without taking time to enjoy a gorgeous view from iconic Arches National Park. There’s a reason this destination calls to over a million travelers each year! Home to over 2,000 sandstone arches and a variety of hiking trails to explore, Arches National Park offers up a gorgeous view at seemingly every turn. To capture a photo at some of the more recognizable landmarks, be sure to head over to Balanced Rock or Delicate Arch for a view that’s hard to top.

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