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Top 5 Tourist Hot Spots

For those who find their vacation stride most easily achieved through outdoor adventure, Moab, Utah promises to be a getaway destination unlike any other. Here, red rock formations, buttes, canyons, and mesas make up a fascinating landscape that’s endlessly appealing when it comes to opportunities for exploration and discovery. Whether you’re one for adrenaline-pumping fun, or a visitor with a heart for taking time to unwind and simply soak up your scenic surroundings, Moab tourism has more to offer than you could possibly ever take in during a single trip this way.

With so much to see and do in Moab, how do you decide where to begin? For many visitors, checking those iconic stops off the list is priority number one before digging into the many hidden gems the destination holds as well. When you’re putting together your itinerary, be sure to take time to explore these top five tourist hot spots in Moab!

Hell’s Revenge

If heart-pounding excitement and dynamic terrain are very much your thing, hitting up Hell’s Revenge Trail is a must while you’re in Moab. This backcountry trail isn’t for the faint of heart and as such, is generally reserved for those who are on a guided touring experience. Staying on the designated pathways is vital when you’re touring Hell’s Revenge for some spectacularly obvious reasons. This trail is made up of breathtaking turns, steep cliffs, exciting edges, and maneuvers to traverse that are seemingly impossible at first sight! The Hell’s Revenge Trail is 6.5 miles long and can be accessed off of the Sand Flats Recreation Area.

Slickrock Trail

Moab is an oasis of opportunity for those who love to explore exciting terrain on two wheels. If you’ve come here to mountain bike, the number one trail to try out is Slickrock. This is an iconic route that covers 10.5 miles of rugged landscape to explore. There are loops within the trail that can be utilized by less experienced cyclists while the entire route is tantalizing for experienced adventurers looking for that next challenge. The ideal time to ride Slickrock Trail is between February and November. Keep an eye open for yellow dashes on the main trail which indicate upcoming ledges or abrupt drop-offs to avoid.

Dead Horse Point State Park

Whether you’re one for hiking, photographing, or exploring your way through a Moab stay, a visit here isn’t quite complete until you check off time well spent at Dead Horse Point State Park. Located off of UT-313, Dead Horse Point State Park is a scenic place to spend a day making your way through stunning landscapes that rise up on either side of the Colorado River. Dead Horse Point State Park covers an impressive 5.362 acres of land, guaranteeing you won’t run into any shortage of overlooks, or places to seek out and discover while you’re here.

Canyonlands National Park

Sitting near the top of many Moab travelers lists of must-see destinations is the ever-intriguing Canyonlands National Park. Much as the name indicates, this national park is one that boasts a variety of Moab tourist attractions, like sprawling canyons to check out with the Colorado River playing a central role in the eye-catching terrain. This stop is a favorite amongst hikers, bikers, campers, and photographers looking to make the most of some incredible views. While the thought of checking out all of Canyonlands in a day is tempting, it’s considered next to impossible. The sheer size of this park means it has to be broken up into four separate and distinct sections, most of which visitors choose to break into just as many days of exploration. Whether you set your sights on The Needles, or Island in the Sky, it’s a destination that should be seen for yourself.

Moab Tourist Attractions at the Arches National Park

There’s no way to say a trip to Moab is complete until you’ve made your way to the ever-inspiring Arches National Park! This alluring locale is loved for its collection of more than 2,000 sandstone arches that tower above the landscape and provide picturesque, if not other-worldly features to admire while you’re here. Arches National Park is home to some of the most well-known natural features around including Delicate Arch, Landscape Arch, and Balanced Rock just to name a few. The park is filled with a maze of hiking trails that fit skill levels of all types, so it’s an easy place to customize a visit. Whatever you do, don’t forget your camera for this one.

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