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Top Winter Things to Do in Moab

Moab, Utah is always an amazing place to visit. From the stunning parks and terrain to time spent exploring the trails and making the most of shopping and dining excursions, there’s no shortage when it comes to fun and adventure. While warm weather getaways in this direction are certainly a delight, there’s something to be said for a winter vacation that provides just as many opportunities for fun without the crowds. When you’re ready to pack your bags and enjoy some well-deserved time away in Moab, the following are just a few of the top Utah winter activities to do in this area to make the most of every minute of your stay!

Enjoy Backcountry Skiing

Moab enjoys a convenient and scenic location nestled against the La Sal Mountains. For winter travelers this makes for the ideal opportunity to get out and try some exciting backcountry skiing! Adventure and great exercise collide when you take time to test out your backcountry ski skills. The mountain bowls provide just the right challenge for the experienced skier while more leisurely trails are the perfect fit for those who aren’t as accustomed to the sport. Either way, Moab offers up terrain that takes every skills level into account. Both Mount Mellenthin and Mount Tukuhnikivatz are amazing options for expert skiers while Corkscrew Glades is a great choice when low elevation skiing is more your style. In both scenarios, backcountry skiers will be privy to pristine mountain views complete with towering cliffs and sandstone formations that are well worth enjoying in Moab Utah in winter.

Check Out Arches National Park For Utah Winter Activities

No matter what time of year you arrive in Moab, there are a few places on the itinerary that tend to stand out as iconic must-see destinations. Among them, Arches National Park is often found at the top of the list with good reason. This national park is home to over 2,000 sandstone arches and a maze of trails that are made to be explored. It’s a truly breathtaking destination that fortunately is just as inviting in the winter months as it is when the warm weather is around. Many winter travelers choose to make their way this direction after a snow fall with a camera in hand. The glittering snow paired with sandstone coloration can make for some one-of-a-kind views that you’re sure to want to remember long after you’ve left Moab. The beauty of a winter trip to Arches National Park also rests with the fact that there are fewer crowds to contend with. This can make the trails and time spent photographing certain arches more enjoyable and leisurely all around.

Take to the Trails with a Snow Bike

Cyclists from near and far head to Moab throughout the year to put their skills to the test on the many amazing trails that call this destination home. Winter is no exception to that rule. Whether you bring your own gear or rent a snow bike to use while you’re here, the trails remain wonderfully accessible and equally thrilling when temperatures take a turn for the chillier. Even a little snow on the ground doesn’t deter the most enthusiastic of snow bike cyclists in this area. Whether you head to Porcupine Rim or Slick Rock, you’re bound to meet a few other cyclists with the same winter agenda in mind.

Visit Moab Museum

Getting out and exploring the great outdoors is a wonderful way to spend a winter trip to Moab, but if you find yourself longing to warm up a little, head over to the Moab Museum. Situated at 118 E. Center Street, the Moab Museum is a prime place to learn more about the history of Moab and check out a wide variety of exhibits and artifacts that tell the story of the settlers that built Moab into the destination it is today. This is a family-friendly stop that’s sure to be as entertaining as it is educational for your visit to Moab Utah in winter.

Warm Up at Moab Coffee Roasters

There’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee to energize and refresh when you’re in Moab and no better place to find that cup of coffee than Moab Coffee Roasters. Found at 90 N. Main Street, Moab Coffee Roasters is a charming and welcoming stop when you need some caffeine to warm your body and soul. Settle in or grab it to go if your itinerary for the day happens to be packed with fun!

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