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Hells Gate in Moab

Moab, Utah is a vacation destination that calls to travelers with a variety of interests and passions. For some, Moab is the ultimate place to be when you’re looking for leisurely hikes that come with spectacular views. For others, Moab provides an entrance to some of Mother Nature’s finest work in the form of arches and canyons. For others, Moab is a must-visit destination for wine tasting, dining and delighting in restful and scenic moments. However, if you’re here for the adrenaline-pumping fun, you’ll want to be sure to put Hells Gate in Moab at the very top of your Moab itinerary.

A Heart-Pounding Trail of Adventure

While Moab is practically brimming over with incredible treks and trails, Hells Gate in Moab sits in a category all its own with good reason. This trail is rated a 6 out of 10 according to difficulty level and it’s highly recommended that visitors enjoy this thrilling route alongside an experienced guide. Hell’s Revenge provides guests with over 6 miles of steep turns, bumps, drops and thrilling views that are best maneuvered in a Hummer, Jeep, or other specialized vehicle. The difficulty of Hell’s Revenge is such that it surpasses the capabilities of ATVs and is more suited for high-impact capable vehicles or mountain bikes looking to veer off onto nearby Sliderock Bike Trail. To make for a safe and scenic experience, Hell’s Revenge has a path that’s clearly marked and off-roading this trek is not allowed. While you likely won’t capture that perfect picture as you bump along the trail, once you stop, Hell’s Revenge offers up some of the most amazing views imaginable. This is definitely one of the best Moab Utah sights!

Planning Your Visit to Explore the Moab Utah Sights

The entrance to Hell’s Revenge can be accessed near the Sand Flats Recreation Area Entrance Station. The vast majority of visitors arrive with a guide making the entrance to Hell’s Revenge seamless, however, in the event you arrive with a personal vehicle and trailer, parking is available at the trailhead as an added convenience. Plan to spend anywhere from two to three hours exploring Hell’s Revenge which keeps guests captivated from start to finish. For questions concerning the route itself, feel free to contact Grand County which is located at 125 E. Center Street.

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