Romance is always in the air in February. Do something extraordinary for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday by reserving a romantic getaway for two to Moab. Our travel destination features a variety of outdoor fun to help you celebrate. Take a look at how to book a romantic getaway this year in Moab: 

Visit Arches National Park During the Snow 

Valentine’s Day is later in the winter season, meaning you may have the opportunity to see Moab with a little snow. Make your way to Arches National Park during your romantic getaway to see a new side to it. The park will have fewer crowds than usual in February due to the colder weather but layering up will make it easy to stay warm. Visit the park right after some snowfall for some memorable sights. Arches National Park is even more beautiful when the sandstone arches have a little snow cover that contrast against the red colors of the stone. Don’t forget to snap some photos! 

Horse Back Riding in Moab 

One romantic activity that is even more special in Moab is horseback riding. Many places around the country do not provide horseback riding during the winter, but Moab continues to operate even in the snow. Experience horseback riding at Moab Horse here in the area, where you can customize your visit. You will be shown how to navigate with your horse before you hit the trails to ensure a smooth experience. The Moab Desert offers the perfect backdrop for views for your horseback riding experience.  

Book a Spa Experience 

Make sure to spend some time relaxing during your stay at Moab for Valentine’s Day. Spa Moab offers a variety of relaxation services such as couple’s massages and facials. You will feel completely rejuvenated with a quick session in between your exciting activities for your Valentine’s Day trip. 

Book Today 

Moab is waiting for you this Valentine’s Day. Make sure to book one of our vacation rentals here in the area for a comfortable experience. You will be able to enjoy luxury amenities perfect for Valentine’s Day such as gas fireplaces, gourmet kitchens, and outdoor fire pits. We offer rentals in a variety of sizes making it easy to find the perfect one for you. Book today and see what Moab has to offer!