There is no place in Utah more readily available for an adventure than Moab. Come see this incredible destination by visiting during Spring Break. This time of year is the perfect time to visit while the kids are off school and the temperature is not as cold as it was during the middle of winter. Take a look at why you should consider Moab for your Spring Break escapades: 

Roam Downtown Moab 

Moab may not be the biggest city in Utah, but it sure does have a lot of spirit. You can see for yourself whenever you explore downtown Moab, which is full of delightful shops and restaurants. Rummage around these local businesses to find the perfect gift to take back home. In addition to your standard restaurants, you will also find food trucks and other outdoor retailers all along the main road. Expect to spend plenty of time down here during your Spring Break exploration. 

Explore the Arches National Park 

You will not find a more recognizable landmark in all of Moab than Arches National Park. This breathtaking area is home to some of the finest sandstone cliffs that tower in the distance. The winter season is often a little too chilly to get out and explore for long. However, Spring Break is the perfect time of year as the temperatures often hover around 70 degrees during midday. This allows you to get out and see the Arches National Park up close. You will find Spring Break beats the cold of winter and hot days of summer easily. 

Enjoy the Moab Recreation & Aquatic Center 

Let the kids have a little fun during their Spring Break from school by taking them to the Moab Recreation & Aquatic Center. This indoor and outdoor attraction is perfect for all ages, but the kids will really have most of the fun here. The indoor and outdoor pools have plenty of room for you to splash around especially as the weather begins to heat up. There is nothing more relaxing than a day by the pool during your Spring Break.  

Moab Is Waiting 

Get ready for the Spring Break you deserve by visiting us here in Moab. Our vacation rentals will keep you comfortable for the duration of your stay and keep you close to all of these exciting activities. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!