The unique desert climate you’ll find in Utah is one of the things that makes it a great getaway destination no matter when you come. Beautiful snow blankets red rock in the winter, but desert heat scorches during the summer months. Come to Moab in the early summer months and make sure you take time in the great outdoors as well as some indoor activities in Moab for when the weather isn’t favorable.

Arches National Park

Put one of the most iconic national parks on your vacation plans. Arches National Park and its iconic natural arches and breathtaking red rock scenery is a top priority for many. With temperatures trending toward hot, you will want to plan your visit early in the day, but the awe and natural beauty sees visitors taking in the views throughout the year. Take advantage of park entrance webcams to keep an eye on wait times to plan your visit at the best time possible. Also be aware that some of the most popular attractions like The Fiery Furnace, indoor museum exhibits, and the theater may be closed.

Petroglyphs at Newspaper Rock

If you want to “read” the news from 2,000 or more years ago, head to the Indian Creek Corridor Scenic Byway in Bears Ears National Monument to Newspaper Rock. Native Americans drew and engraved vital information like crop cycles, hunting patters, mythology, and other pieces of their lives and culture on the rock. The petroglyphs feature animals, tools, humans, and abstract symbols yet to be deciphered.

Giant Museum and Dinosaur Park

The Giant Museum and Dinosaur Park is a fun and unique place to visit no matter what the weather is outside. You’ll learn about the dinosaurs that walked the area and tread alongside their real tracks on the dinosaur trail. See over 100 life-size dinosaurs set up near the tracks they were believed to have made. The site has indoor and outdoor exhibits to enjoy, as well as an indoor cafe. Keep in mind some indoor features may be closed during your visit.

Moab Escape Rooms

The escape room is a popular indoor attraction across the country, and you’ll find one in Moab as well! Choose one of four rooms with varying degrees of ability. You’re allotted 60 minutes to find and solve all the clues to break out successfully. Please book reservations in advance online.

Make the Most of Summer in Moab

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