When big changes happen unexpectedly in life, it’s not uncommon for stress to follow closely behind. With the arrival of COVID-19, people across the country and globe have found themselves faced with a long list of uncertainties in the midst of changes that have affected both personal and professional life alike.

Amongst these changes has been the transition for many employees from office life to remote work out of a necessity in the name of health and safety. The quick nature of this transition has left many reeling from homes turned into offices at a moment’s notice. When combined with efforts to home school and retain work and life balance, it comes as no surprise that the results are sometimes overwhelming.

Instead of letting the stress build, the team at Arches Vacation Rentals would like to suggest that within chaos, there remains beauty to be found. We believe the bright spot might just lie in the fact that remote work also means the ability to take your responsibilities with you and savor time away from the chaos in a place that’s as motivating as it is inspiring! When you’re ready to indulge in a getaway where you can get work done too, we’re encouraging travelers to set their sights on a Moab vacation.

A Productive and Breathtaking Destination

Guests who head to Moab and book with Arches Vacation Rentals will find a vast list of property options waiting to choose from. Whether you require a work and play space that’s cozy for one or need a home fit for a family, our team is here to help make it happen. Be sure to inquire about our properties that are not only conveniently located, cozy, and stylish, but include those work necessities such as access to Wi-Fi and in-home office spaces. Large flat-screen televisions provide just the right place to stream video calls while fully equipped kitchens offer up a home-inspired spot to cook up the meals you love at a moment’s notice. Complete with tasteful furnishings and upgraded extras to keep you comfortable, our properties are the perfect place to work and enjoy your surroundings when the professional day comes to a close.

Savor the Moab Experience

Whether you’re rafting down the Colorado River, rock climbing amongst stone towers, or enjoying a private tour of Hells Gate, Moab is a destination where outdoor enthusiasts thrive year-round. With plenty of options for getting out and enjoying the scenery while staying far from the crowds, your Moab journey is bound to be as safe as it is invigorating.

Work and Play During a Moab Vacation

When you’re ready to make the best of what’s been an unexpected year, make Moab your new work and play destination and let the team at Arches Vacation Rentals handle your accommodations. Contact us today to start planning your Moab vacation!