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Entrajo Canyon

While on holiday, one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of nature is by hiking. Hiking is not only healthy, but it also opens up the world in a completely different way. If you’re planning an Utah getaway in the charming city of Moab, hiking is a must-try activity. Entrajo Canyon offers vacationers a simple yet exhilarating hiking experience through the lovely Utah landscape.

What’s There to Do in Entrajo Canyon?

Entrajo Canyon, also known as Cluster Canyon, is a hiker’s paradise found a little over 12 miles from Moab City. The two-mile course features two rappels for the ultimate rappelling experience. There’s a 15-foot and another 80-foot option where hikers can safely descend downwards. The best way to do rappelling is to hire a tour company with experienced guides to take you through the terrain. The tour company provides all the necessary gear, including carabiners, descender hoodoos, quick links, safety harnesses, helmets, personal anchor systems, and rappelling shoes.

If rappelling isn’t your cup of tea, don’t fret. The canyon offers excellent hiking experiences where you can explore the terrain on a guided tour. Private guided tours offer a personalized experience with experienced guides who educate you on the area’s geology, flora and fauna, and natural history. The hikes take anywhere from four to six hours to complete and are easy to moderate in difficulty, making them suitable for beginners.

Private tours can accommodate groups of up to 14 people, although larger groups often have to call ahead to get pricing and check for availability. Once you work your way to the top of the canyon, the reward is impeccable views of the La Sal Mountain range. As you wind your way through the water-carved passages, you get a deeper appreciation for the power of nature.

The best season to visit Entrajo Canyon, Utah is April through September since the temperatures create snow-free conditions. Morning or afternoon trips are available depending on your preferred timing, although both offer tons of rappelling and hiking fun.

Book Your Moab Rental

Moab has plenty to offer, and Entrajo Canyon, Utah is only the tip of the iceberg. This scenic canyon is every hiker’s dream come true as it features some of the best views in Utah. The city of Moab awaits with adventures galore! Contact us today to book your Moab vacation rental and choose from an expansive list of comfortable vacation condos and townhome rentals.