Starting the year on the right foot often means taking stock of what you love to do most, and combining it all into a single, unforgettable vacation plan. Whether you’re one for climbing, hiking, dining or simply sitting back and appreciating scenery that’s breathtaking and inspiring, Moab, Utah has something for you. While spring and autumn tend to be high-travel times for this area, making your way here at the beginning of the calendar year means you’ll have fewer crowds to contend with and encounters with one of a kind landscapes as well. Here are a few stops to add to your Moab Utah vacation itinerary when 2020 begins.

Climb at Big Bend

Whether you’re an expert at bouldering, or simply can’t wait to try it for the first time, winter is one of the best seasons for doing so at Big Bend. This area sees an incredible amount of sunlight and heat in the summer months, making climbing nearly impossible as temperatures rise. The story is quite the opposite at the beginning of the year when cool weather makes it easier to not only grip the rocks but keep comfortable climbing for longer. Head out independently or book a guided climb, but whatever you do, don’t miss out on time at Big Bend.

Visit Arches National Park

Don’t be fooled by the mistaken assumption that Arches National Park is most impressive when visited in warmer months. A winter visit to Arches is sure to be a thrilling experience as the snow stays put up on the towering red rocks, making for a one of a kind scene. Bring your camera and lace up your hiking boots when you plan this excursion. While the sun is up, the weather is bound to be comfortable enough for shorts early in the year, but cloudy days will require layers.

Dine at Desert Bistro

While your Moab Utah vacation filled with climbing and hiking is bound to be exhilarating, it’s important to attend to the appetite you build along the way as well. Make sure to make time for a stop at Desert Bistro while you’re in Moab and enjoy fine southwestern cuisine in a setting that’s elegant, colorful and welcoming. Located at 36 S. 100 West, Desert Bistro is easy to find thanks to its charming sandstone façade. Reservations are required at this locale which opens for the season on Valentine’s Day in 2020. Enjoy everything from game meat to seafood and a selection of savory homemade desserts to make sure you end your meal on a sweet note.

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