When it comes to outdoor destinations that are as scenic as they inviting, Moab, Utah has a way of topping traveler lists with ease. Known for its stunning red rock terrain, captivating canyons, and winding waterways, it’s common for adventurers to turn to Moab when pursuing a rugged escape.

That said, for all of its wild appeal, Moab luxury is just as well suited to those looking to make the most of an elegant and luxurious adventure where indulgent moments are enjoyed surrounded by unsurpassed landscapes. The following are just a few options of many available to add to your itinerary when luxury is meant to lead the way to Moab fun.

Moab Dinner Cruise with Sound and Light Show

Hosted by Canyonlands by Night and Day, a Moab dinner cruise complete with a sound and light show is sure to be an amazing experience for those with their heart set on a Moab luxury getaway. Under a blanket of stars, this tour company provides guests with a one of a kind, slow-moving boat ride down the Colorado River complete with a savory meal to be enjoyed before you depart. Onboard, guests are treated to a lightshow integrated with music and shadows played out on the canyon walls that tower over the shoreline. It’s an experience that’s been thrilling audiences since it first began in 1963.

Shop Indigo Alley

When boutique shopping tops your list of luxurious getaway activities, you’ll find everything you’re looking for and more at Indigo Alley. This upscale stop is located at 77 N. Main Street in Moab and provides Moab visitors with a place to browse one of a kind apparel, jewelry, and accessories that kick the outdoor look up a notch. As an added bonus, Indigo Alley features ethically and locally conscious products, many of which are vegan-friendly too.

Canyonlands Ballooning with Champagne Toast

There’s nothing more luxurious than taking your Moab adventure to thrilling new heights. When you’re up for adventure but would like to pair your excursion with a little champagne too, book a tour with Canyonlands Ballooning while you’re in town. You’ll enjoy a sky-high adventure alongside the sunrise as you soar above iconic destinations such as Canyonlands, Arches National Park, and the La Sal Mountains. When you come back down to earth, a Champagne toast is in order to fully celebrate the moment.

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