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Plan a Winter Journey to Moab

Planning a trip to Moab, Utah is an exciting endeavor. No matter how much time you have to spare in the name of fun, this scenic and exciting destination has much to offer. If you have three days set aside to unwind, relax, and explore, the following itinerary is a good starting point. Make the most of every moment and if somehow you have time to extend your Moab Utah winter trip, all the better!

Day 1: A Savory and Park-Focused Adventure

Your first day in Moab deserves to start on a sweet and savory note. That’s why you’ll be heading over to Love Muffin Café to get your fill of amazing breakfast fare before heading out to explore. Love Muffin Café is located at 139 N. Main Street and is a charming breakfast stop where you can order up everything from breakfast burritos and muffins to sunrise paninis and huevos rancheros when you drop by. Of course, pairing your breakfast plate with a savory espresso is always a good idea when your plans take you out and about. Once you’ve finished up breakfast, you’ll be crossing one of Moab’s most iconic stops off your itinerary with a winter trip to Arches National Park. This time of year, the park is far less crowded than in the summer and if it’s snowed overnight, you’re in luck. There’s something nearly magical about fresh powder on the sandstone formations that make up this park. You’re going to want to have your camera ready as you make your way along the trails and encounter one sandstone arch after another. When you’ve experienced the moments you came to find at Arches, it’s likely that you’ve worked up quite an appetite. Head over to 98 Center Moab for a dinner that focuses on Vietnamese fare and pairs it with delicious, handcrafted cocktails to enjoy. There’s no better way to end your day full of Moab winter activities.

Day 2: Hit the Canyonlands Hiking Trails

Day two of your journey is another one that’s going to require a filling and energizing breakfast. That’s why making your way to Sweet Cravings Bakery is going to be a good idea. Situated at 397 N, Main Street, Sweet Cravings Bakery serves up everything from breakfast burritos and cinnamon rolls to bagels, scones, and coffee. Getting your fill won’t be hard, but it will be important before heading out to explore the sensational hiking trails that wind their way through iconic Canyonlands National Park. While you won’t be able to take in all of Canyonlands in a day, time spent here will inspire you to return time and again. Much like the name indicates, you’ll get up close to sprawling and breathtaking canyons, cliffs, and maybe even wildlife that have long made this park a pristine picture of nature at its very best. When you’ve explored until your heart’s content, jump in the car and head back to central Moab where you’ll be dining this evening at Desert Bistro. Found at 36 S. 100 West, Desert Bistro is a fine dining experience that focuses on savory Southwest fare and comes with access to an impressive wine cellar to match!

Day 3: Incorporate Some History into Your Moab, Utah Winter Getaway

The last day of your three-day journey begins at Jailhouse Café. This eatery is located at 101 N. Main Street and isn’t hard to spot thanks to the eye-catching pink exterior. Feel free to step inside and enjoy browsing a breakfast menu that features everything from pancakes and waffles to breakfast burritos, omelets, huevos rancheros, and beyond! Of course, no breakfast here is complete without a steaming cup of coffee to match and because the atmosphere is so welcoming and vibrant, you may find yourself lingering longer than you planned. When you do feel you’ve had your fill, make your way to the Moab Museum. Found at 118 E. Center Street, the Moab Museum is a great place to find yourself when you’re looking to infuse a little history and inspiring education into your stay. Take time to browse the many displays and exhibits that highlight the history of Moab from early inhabitants through to growing settlements. It’s a wonderful way to feel more connected to the place you’ve set your sights for a winter adventure. On the final evening of your visit, make time for a dinner enjoyed at Moab Diner. This fun and nostalgic throwback stop feature silver tables paired with red vinyl booths to settle into. You’re free to order up from the all-day breakfast menu but it’s hard to go wrong with a burger, fries, and chocolate shake.

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