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Ken’s Lake

The human body is a resilient thing, but it has its limits. And so, after months of grinding away at work, taking time off can have mental and physical benefits. For a scenic and laid-back vacation, look no further than the city of Moab, a charming holiday destination with abundant attractions. One of Moab’s most appealing allures is Ken’s Lake, a relaxing getaway ten miles south of Moab.

Choose From a Wide List of Activities at Ken’s Lake

Aside from its epic scenery, Ken’s Lake, Utah offers vacationers tons of fun, thanks to a robust variety of activities. You can hit the trails on a hike across numerous footpaths as you take in the Ken Lake scenery, with most allowing dogs. Many hiking trails lie adjacent to cultural heritage, including pueblo homes and rock art, adding to the thrill of the hike.

If you prefer taking in the Moab sights and sounds on two wheels, e-bikes offer an exciting ride across a vast network of trails. E-bikes are essentially the same as your conventional mountain bike, except they feature a tiny 750-watt electric motor to help operate the bicycle by lowering the physical demands needed to peddle. If you’re a petrol head and prefer something with a proper engine, Ken’s Lake offers miles of open spaces and trails for motorized recreational activities.

The lake also features numerous climbing spots across several campsites that cater to the needs of novice, intermediate, and experienced rock climbers. With so much to do at Ken Lake, Utah, you may quickly realize that a day isn’t enough to explore the area sufficiently. If that’s the case, there are several camping sites where you can pitch a tent and wake up fresh for the next day’s activities. There are also highly developed campsites for recreational vehicles where you can park and spend the night in the comfort of your RV. Additionally, the area around Ken Lake features massive tracts of land where you can go hunting or fishing and access diverse land and water species.

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If you’re planning an Utah getaway, Moab is the ideal destination to unwind and forget the stresses of daily life. This melting pot of beautiful scenery and riveting attractions may tempt you to stay permanently! As you figure out where to stay, check out our impressive variety of vacation rentals. Whether you’re looking for a townhome rental or a vacation condo, we offer comfortable and well-furnished rentals to suit your accommodation needs. Reach out to us to book a place to call home during your vacation.