Travelers with an innate love for all that is the great outdoors are often drawn to the scenery, beauty, and adventure that awaits in Moab, Utah. However, for the history buff that longs to connect with the past, Moab is brimming over with stories stretching back as far as the prehistoric era. When you’re looking for places in Moab that bring the past to life, here are a few Moab attractions to add to your one of a kind itinerary!

Utah Scenic Byway 279 Rock Art

The rock walls that have long defined the Moab landscape are thrilling to view, but many have also worked as a record-keeping device for the peoples and tribes that called the area home over the last several hundred years. These dedicated accounts of life can still be viewed today by traveling along the paved portion of Potash Road along the Utah Scenic Byway 279. Here, several walls of petroglyphs can be viewed depicting scenes of daily life, people, and animals. Keep your eyes peeled for signs along the route that indicate areas of the wall that are particularly important.

Moab Giants Museum and Dinosaur Park

The many fossils and footprints found over the years within the parameters of Moab have indicated that this area was once a hot spot for prehistoric dinosaur activity. Today, those that are looking to encounter this part of the city’s past can do so at the Moab Giants Museum and Dinosaur Park. Located at 112-UT 313, Moab Giants is a place where visitors can follow along authentic dinosaur track trails, dig for fossils and check out a collection of life-size models bringing the past to life within a setting that’s sure to thrill.

Moab Museum

The mining and pioneering past of Moab are on full display at the Moab Museum which sits at 118 E. Center Street. This comprehensive stop is a great place to browse exhibits and displays that follow the journeys of those that first settled in the area as well as the archeology and geology that have come to define the terrain. From indigenous groups to later prospectors, the Moab Museum takes on a variety of eras that make up Moab’s past.

Enjoy the Journey

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