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Labor Day Activities in Moab

Moab, Utah is a city of multiple adventures. From its beautiful arches to the photogenic scenery, ardent explorers are in for a refreshing treat in this city. Celebrated on the first Monday of September, Labor Day is meant to remember the contributions of workers to the American independence story. It is a good time to take a break from your usual activities and experience new adventures away from your everyday setting. Moab is one of the cities that will make a good choice for your Labor Day explorations.

Moab Labor Day is Perfect for Hiking

Moab is home to two national parks and huge stretches of public land for hikers to explore. Within this city are multiple hiking trails that can accommodate beginners as well as ardent climbers. The weather during this holiday is good for your hiking activities. The sun is not as hot as it was during the early months, allowing you to spend more time outdoors. These hiking trails offer you a reliable platform to relax and disconnect from the chaos of the modern world. You are also in for incredible sunrise and sunset views.

Explore the Iconic Colorado River

The legendary Colorado River slithers through Moab. This river brings with it, among other things, a chance for you to enjoy a boat ride. If you ever wished for a rafting adventure, you have finally found the perfect place for it. The section of the river in Moab is calm and suitable for your adventures. Better still, there are professionals to guide you as you move down the river. Fishing activities are also rife in this river.

Relax at the Golf Course

Moab is a city of multiple relaxing adventures. This time around, it is the multiple golf courses out there in the wild doing the magic for you. Here in Moab, golf is no longer an elite sport. Instead, it becomes a bonding activity where you can easily make new friends. You don’t need to be a professional golfer to enjoy this sport. Beginners too have a chance to learn and enjoy this sport as much as professionals do. Better still, you may decide to watch from a distance as pros battle it out in the field.

Scenic Helicopter Tours

Do you want to explore Moab in the luxury worth your status? Scenic helicopter tours are exactly what you need. Instead of spending the whole day out there exploring the parks and arches, these rides simplify it to be a one-hour activity. These luxurious rides allow you to explore the vast city within a short time. Also, it is the perfect opportunity to fulfill your aerial photography needs.

Ride a Bike

Mountain biking is a common form of adventure at the various parks and arches. Within the city are multiple loops for you to follow. Beginners have simple trails at the foot of the parks while adrenaline junkies have it all to explore. Biking provides an alternative to conventional hikes. It is the easiest route to the city’s hidden treasures that cannot be reached on foot.

Explore the City’s Night Life

The perfect way to sum up your Moab adventure is by exploring the city’s nightlife. Downtown Moab is lined with multiple restaurants and bars. During those nights when you are not ready to go to bed early, the city’s nightclubs are the place to be. From the locally crafted beers to dancing to your favorite tunes all night long, you are in for a worthy treat in Utah.

Luxurious Holiday Homes

Your luxurious Moab Labor Day adventure doesn’t end out there in the field. It also extends to the holiday homes that you rent. The city is home to multiple luxurious holiday rentals complete with all the crucial amenities. These holiday homes range from studio setups for solo vacationers to more than four-bedroom units for larger groups. Most of these homes have internet access and satellite TV for your entertainment needs. Also, most of the properties are modernized and fitted with equipment such as smoke detectors and central heating. In short, it is a luxurious stay out there in the Moab jungle.

Call Us Today

After a long day of adventure out there in the wild, you need a comfortable place to call home and prepare for the next day’s activities. Our team at Arches Vacation Rentals is here to help you find the right holiday home to complement your experience in the city. Moab is a scenic city that calls for an equally exciting rental. Our properties are located in different locations within the city allowing you the luxury to choose what is best for you for Labor Day in Moab. Browse through our curated website to identify properties that suit your holidaying needs. Better still, you can contact us to enjoy our customized services. Call us today for more information.