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Valentine’s Day in Moab, Utah

With each setting sun comes a new dawn for romantic partners to show love to one another. With Valentine’s celebration around the corner, the pressure is mounting for lovers to do the most. Thanks to Utah’s diverse landscapes and desert conditions, you have found a relaxed spot to spend this special day. Here are the top activities for Valentine’s in Utah.


Moab, Utah can be best described as an ardent hiker’s playground. The wild part of the city has a lot of ground for you to cover. The desert’s massive red rock formations are part of the reasons why hikers have a lot of fun here.
On special days like Valentine’s, that’s the perfect moment to showcase your prowess. Love isn’t a matter of roses and chocolates alone. This time around, do it a bit differently by being out there in the mountains.

The arches of the city also offer a valuable platform for you to showcase love. Instead of the usual Caribbean and coastal destinations, you are out here in the desert conquering new heights.

Hiking is a practical way of achieving physical fitness objectives as a couple. You may as well bring your roses and chocolates to the mountaintop to add some flavor to your Valentine’s hiking experience.

Mountain Biking

The next part of your romantic encounters in Utah is mountain biking. This activity is an upgrade from the initial hiking. Also, it is less demanding and more fun for a couple.

Moab has designated trails where bikers go to explore this exciting sport. It is an open field for all with both beginners and pro-bikers having an equal chance. However, the trails are separated depending on the level of difficulty.
If your partner has never ridden a bike before, that’s what Valentine’s in Moab is for. Training them as you follow back closely so that they don’t hurt themselves is the most romantic thing you can do out there in the wild. Better still, there are electric bikes that you can easily push through the slopes with little to no effort.

Enjoy a Jeep Tour This Valentine’s in Utah

Being out for a Valentine’s Day vacation in the desert doesn’t mean everything about it should be boring. The Moab experience has been spiced up to be a shining light for the rest. The desert’s Jeep tours are the first thing that greets your luxurious endeavors in the city.

Unlike hiking and mountain biking which call for your attention and effort, there are hardly any of these required for your Jeep tours. All you do is book any of the multiple Jeep firms offering adventure services in the desert.
Jeep tours help you concentrate on the romantic side of your adventure in Moab. Also, there are firms offering Hummer tours allowing you to explore the vast desert from its roof with your partner by your side.

All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Tours

While being driven around the desert in a Jeep feels satisfying, there is something about ATVs that makes them special. First, these motorized locomotives can easily maneuver terrains that other vehicles find hard to cope with. The more ground covered means there are increased adventures in store for you.

ATVs also come with the luxury of being allowed to drive around. In short, it is the perfect opportunity for you to play around the rough terrain of the desert albeit safely.

Better still, there are tour guides to see you through the various trails of the desert. Doing all these in the company of your partner is part of the intimate experiences on a Moab Valentine’s Day.

Helicopter Rides

Valentine’s Day experiences in Utah are not limited to land adventures. Take the experience a notch higher by signing up for a helicopter ride. The aerial adventure takes the experience a notch higher with unmatched sights.
Helicopter rides provide a faster way of adventuring through the vast desert. Instead of spending the whole day out there climbing the arches, your ride will take at most one hour, creating time for other intimate activities perfect for the day.
These rides also offer a valuable platform for you to pop the question above the earth’s surface. The photos of the beautiful canyons and arches you take from up there make these rides worth the moment.

Whitewater Rafting

Away from the desert’s multiple red rock formations lies the iconic Colorado River. As it slithers its way through Utah, this majestic river forms the next phase of adventure that awaits you in the city. With the desert’s notorious heat, this free-flowing river comes with a chance for you to cool off.

Apart from swimming, the Colorado River is perfect for your whitewater rafting needs. 2024 is not the time for you to be basic. It is such adrenaline-filled experiences that make your Valentine’s experience in Utah interesting.
The river also offers a chance for you to perfect your angling skills. Bring your partner to the river and let them be part of your fishing experience. Taking home a self-caught bass for dinner is one of those intimate things you need in Utah.

Riding Horses

Utah is never short of fun activities for couples to explore every other day. Riding horses is one of those activities you can’t ignore on Valentine’s Day. Touring the desert while on the back of a horse with your partner is such a romantic thing to do.

Playing Golf

Golfing is not a preserve for elites and pros alone. Romantic partners too have a place on the golf course. Moab is known for its multiple golf courses where you can go to explore this exciting sport. Playing a game against your partner is such an intimate thing to do. Also, you may opt to watch from the stands as other couples battle it out on the field.

Valentine’s Diner

The Valentine’s experience in Moab is incomplete without a couples’ dinner. On this special day, restaurants have preorganized events where couples come together to have a good time. Book your spot in any of the restaurants in the city and treat your partner to a sumptuous dinner.

The dining experience in the city goes beyond the food available to eat. It also touches on the drinks paired with the food. Whether it is a shot of whisky, a bottle of beer, or a glass of wine, you have it all in the city.

Valentine’s Shopping Downtown

Gifting is a Valentine’s tradition you cannot ignore regardless of your current destination. Whether you are in your traditional home or out here in Moab, your partner needs a gift. Although roses, cards, and chocolates are the primary ones, you are not limited to that. Options are available as far as you are willing to go.

Moab has a vibrant downtown complete with gift shops and other shopping avenues. The streets downtown have everything you would need for this special day. The luxury downtown is equal to the task on such a special day.

Moab Valentine’s Luxury Rentals

The perfect Valentine’s experience in Utah calls for a luxurious place to stay. Our properties at Arches Vacation Rentals are furnished with high-end amenities that complement your holidays in Utah. Reach out to us today for your customized Valentine’s rentals in Moab.