Meaningful journeys often include moments where what a traveler witnesses or encounters go far beyond their everyday expectations. For the visitor to scenic Moab, Utah, it’s highly likely that the most defining moments of your stay will revolve around beautiful views served up by Mother Nature herself. When you’re ready to be thrilled by natural wonders, this is a destination with much to offer. Here are a few of many natural Moab attractions in Moab that you’ll want to make sure to find time for on your itinerary.

Corona Arch

Some might say that Moab is a destination filled with stone archways worth admiring and they wouldn’t be wrong. But Corona Arch in particular has a special natural appeal that’s worth experiencing for yourself. Situated west of the city center near the Colorado River, Corona Arch towers 105 feet into the air and it’s sloping semi-circular design is as impressive in person as it is on the many postcards it graces. Accessible by hiking trail, getting up close to the arch is a must. This massive arch is made of sandstone and was formed slowly over time as a water-filled pothole above likely collapsed into a cave below leaving a unique arch and recess in its wake.

Hell’s Revenge

Sometimes Moab’s terrain is gentle and inviting. Other times, it’s dramatic and challenging. Hell’s Revenge is very much in the latter category and provides visitors with a natural encounter that likely comes accompanied by an adrenaline-pounding moment or two. Only accessible by specialized ATV and an experienced guide, Hell’s Revenge is a natural collection of descents, harrowing edges, and steep climbs that wind through and along canyon walls. Rock ledges, dirt trails, and sand dominate the landscape of Hell’s Revenge.

Grandstaff Canyon

Situated in Southern Grand County, Grandstaff Canyon is a captivating natural attraction to enjoy if you’re the type of visitor taken with hidden away streams, towering rock walls, and wildlife. Grandstaff Canyon is accessible by Grandstaff Trail and the canyon’s terrain is defined by a combination of sand, loose rock, mud, and sandstone. Along the way, keep your eye open for areas of Russian thistle as well as a variety of bird species that call the skies around this area home.

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