Moab is a diverse city whose tourism activities are everything to live for. A key component of the adventure that awaits you in the wild part of the city are the multiple rock formations. Apart from ordinary formations, rock art is something you need to look forward to in your Moab adventure. Planning a tour of the Moab wild? Here’s what you need to know before visiting the Utah Scenic Byway 279 Rock Art Sites.

Best Time to Visit

Utah’s Scenic Byway offers an incredible experience throughout the year since each season has unique weather patterns. Ideally, spring and fall seasons are the best time to visit these rock sites for obvious reasons. First, the sun is not as hot as it used to be during the other two seasons. These mild temperatures make it easy for you to scale up the various formations and enjoy the inscribed messages. Summer, too, is manageable but only during the early morning and late evening hours. As for winter, you must be fully prepared to deal with the chilly conditions.

Geology Classes at the Best

Are you in school majoring in geology, there is no better place for your practical classes than this scenic byway. Or you’re just a nature lover. The multiple rock formations in the area create a learning platform for you. Apart from the much-pronounced rock art, this place is also home to several other arches that are accessible from the highway. Art students, too, have a lot to learn from the site, including the history of the field and how it impacts future art creations.

A Hiker’s Paradise at Utah Scenic Byway 279 Rock Art Sites

Highway 279 can best be described as a hiker’s paradise for various reasons. First, you have the vast wilderness of the city all to yourself. Also, it is a good place to experience and practice rock climbing. The other aspect that makes it favorable for hiking is the multiple trails available. Whether you are after those short hikes to the art sites or the longer ones that extend beyond, you have the luxury to choose what suits you best.

Book Your Accommodation Spot

Moab is not your ordinary city in the desert. It is also an art center, with the Utah Scenic Byway ticking all the right boxes. While at it, our team at Arches Vacation Rentals is doing the most to ensure you have a comfortable place to rest as you enjoy your holiday or trip. Call us today to book your preferred holiday home in the city.