At the height of the fall season comes Thanksgiving. It is a season of appreciating the universe for being kind to you all year round. Traditionally, it has been a celebration of turkey dishes in your backyard. 2023, however, brings a different kind of celebration. Utah’s desert city of Moab is the place to be for this year’s celebration. Moab has a lot more to offer beyond its arches and massive rock formations. It is also a good place for you to sample different Thanksgiving dinner menus. Here are six top restaurants in Moab to consider for a Thanksgiving dinner in Moah, Utah.

Bangkok House Too

Moab knows no boundaries. It is a city where global cuisines conglomerate. As the name of this eatery suggests, it is a Thai-style restaurant specializing in a wide range of dishes. This restaurant serves the best Thai meals there can be in the city. Whether you are after the usual chicken dishes or something more complicated like the Bento Box, you can never go wrong with this joint. It is also the perfect spot for seafood menus ranging from shrimp to the iconic clam chowder. Also, there are a bunch of adult cocktails available for you to sample.

  • Location: 59 Main Street, Suite 8 Moab, UT 84532

Cafe & Lounge Italiano

If your favorite Thanksgiving meal is Italian, you have found the perfect spot for that in the wild. This restaurant is essentially a breakfast eatery that also serves dinner on special occasions such as this one. Apart from the usual croissants and waffles, you are treated to an epic meal of Italian Calzones. The drinks available for you to sample the morning after are the highlight of your moab Utah thanksigiving dinner experience here. From hot chocolate drinks to non-dairy milk, it is a good spot for all-day meals.

  • Location: 100 West 200 South Moab, UT 84532

Desert Bistro

When talking about lavish dining in the wild, there is no way Desert Bistro is missing from your list. This spot is popular for its unique dining experience defined by the neat interiors and exciting outdoors. The hotel has a secluded patio area where you enjoy your meals under the cool breeze of the desert. This joint is a real desert bistro with meals unique to it. If your go-to meal option is vegan, there is a lot of that for you to sample here. Better still, there are separate meals for kids that include soft drinks.

  • Location: 36 S 100th W Moab, UT 84532

Moab Diner

An incredible dining experience in Moab goes beyond the food served. Instead, it has more to do with other aspects of the restaurant such as service and ambiance. Moab Diner is one restaurant that ticks all the right boxes. The hotel sits strategically on the southern section of the main street with ample parking. The place has friendly staff ready to present their menus for you to choose from. It is an old-school dinner design that is toe-to-toe with modern restaurants.

  • Location: 189 South Main Street Moab, UT 84532

Miguel’s Baja Grill

How do you rate Mexican menus? If you are an admirer of traditional Mexican dishes, Miguel’s Baja Grill is the place to be. Everything here is prepared from scratch. Besides the Mexican menu, it is the best restaurant for you to sample the city’s finest seafood. From shrimp cocktails to fried fish, you have it all in one destination. Fans of margaritas have a lot of that to explore here. It is an adventure of authentic Mexican cocktails.

  • Location: 51 North Main Street Moab, UT 84532

Moab City Thanksgiving Rentals

Thanksgiving dinner is just one aspect of your holiday experience in Moab. To explore it all, you will need a comfortable place to call home. Our team at Arches Vacation Rentals is doing its utmost to ensure you find the right property for your stay in Moab. Our properties range from studios for solo vacationers to four-bedroom properties for larger groups. These properties are furnished with high-end amenities, including outdoor pools and free internet. Our team will help you customize your rentals as you concentrate on other important aspects of your Thanksgiving adventure in the city. Reserve your Thanksgiving rentals in Moab today.